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Flesh or Revelation 15+

The flesh is. / Also revelation? / Is the apocalypse really to happen? / A call to the sky. A call from beyond. A scream. / How do the great words of man sound when they cease to be human? / Is this the Book of all books? Confessiones? Requiem? / When I hear myself through someone who is not me, when matter speaks (= dead) – when it steps in my desperate place – how do I sound? / When I have no face and only the voice remains. And the body. Which is flesh. / How does flesh sound? / My face is a mask, which cannot be removed. / My body hurts. / My voice is seeking sound before the final whistle. / My flesh has no name.

Flesh or Revelation received the Grand Prix for Best Performance at the Biennial of Puppetry Artists of Slovenia in September 2011.

Explanation by the jury:
The performance Flesh or Revelation uses contemporary performance means and invites adult viewers in an entirely untraditional manner to examine their own existence and the urgency of confessing in a crisis situation – the moment before death. This post-modernist performance with quotes from the development of European civilization, from the Holy Bible and the testimonials of Saint Augustus to the Apocalypsis cum figuris show by Jerzy Grotowski, creates a distinctively autonomous, grotesque world in the cleft of the collective and subjective subconscious. It is exactly here that it discovers new performance possibilities and implements them in the interaction between the actor, the puppet, and the object. The oscillation between the expressiveness of the play on one side and the emphasized musicality and rhythm on the other creates a stage world that does not enforce clear answers on the audience, but rather raises questions that stimulate their insight and perception – not only on a rational level, but on an emotional and subconscious level as well.


Flesh or Revelation <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>
Flesh or Revelation <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>
Flesh or Revelation <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>
Flesh or Revelation <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>
Flesh or Revelation <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>
Flesh or Revelation <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>
Flesh or Revelation <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>
Flesh or Revelation <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>
Flesh or Revelation <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>

Premiere — 20. October 2010

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