About the Theatre

The Maribor Puppet Theatre is located in the renovated Minorite Monastery on Lent in the southwestern corner of the city walls, between the Judgment Tower and the Žički dvor. The renovated spaces, no longer in a sacral, military or residential function, provide premium support for collaborative artistic creation of puppetry, related performing and musical content.

Cooperation with various institutions, independent organizations and individuals increases the quality of the proprietary programme the theatre offers, brings the contents on offer to a wider audience, and further popularizes the art of puppetry. The theatre heavily invests in education and active development, thereby raising the standards in this field of activity. The theatre aims to represent an attractive and modern puppet centre which – through creative imagination, understanding of the art of puppetry, and a good organization of additional contents – thoughtfully and sensibly addresses even the most demanding audiences of all ages.

Puppet Theatre Maribor  <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah </em>
Great Hall  <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>
Auditorium <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah </em>

History of the Theatre

The Maribor Puppet Theatre was founded on 8th December 1973 when two amateur theatres joined forces – the Puppet Theatre KUD Jože Hermanko Maribor and the Small Puppet Theatre DPD Svoboda Pobrežje. The 1974/75 season was the first professional season of the newly-founded Slovene puppet theatre. Regular activity was kickstarted on 28th November 1974 with the premiere of The Flying Cow, directed and visually designed by Bojan Čebulj with music by Boris Rošker.

For many years, the theatre was led by Bojan Čebulj (1974–1991); he was followed by Tine Varl (1991–1998), Karolina Godič (1999), Katarina Klančnik Kocutar (1999–2004), Breda Varl (2004-2009), Mojca Redjko (2009–2016) and most recently, Katarina Klančnik Kocutar. Each theatre director carefully tended to the past while also adding a personal touch, thereby ensuring that Maribor's puppetry flourished.

In the autumn of 2010, the Maribor Puppet Theatre moved into the newly renovated building of the Minorite monastery on Lent, which offered bigger rooms and state-of-the-art theatre equipment, allowing the theatre with its expanded artistic ensemble and top-notch professional team to reinvent itself and expand its programme with additional support from the Municipality of Maribor.

One season brings six premieres, all linked up to form a conceptual unity. Age has been carefully factored in, as the plays do not address only children – the theatre's most numerous guests – but young people and adults as well. The repertoire constantly examines and explores the art of puppetry and fuses classical puppet technology with modern approaches.  Apart from regular productions, the theatre also offers a wide variety of additional art education activities and carries out innovative projects. Since 1990, the Maribor Puppet Theatre organizes The Summer Puppet Pier, a popular international puppet festival, and since 2011 offers a high quality platform for a permanent realization of the main national puppetry festival founded in 2001, the Biennial of Puppetry Artists of Slovenia.

History of the Theatre