Maribor Puppet Theatre

Puppet Repertoire

17 Aug / Sat
9.00 / Maribor Puppet Theatre Foyer


10.00 / Auditorium

I like it 2+

10.00 / The Maribor Island

Puppets on the island  5+

Free entryOpen

On tour

23 Aug / Fri
19.00 / Puf Festival, Koper

The Princess and the Pea 3+

LGM on tour

Online ticket purchase

Tickets are like gold dust so make sure you get them on time.

Our Box office is open from Tuesday to Saturday and also accessible via telephone and the Internet. 

Photo galleries

The Princess and the Pea
The Princess and the Pea
Smrekar versus Cankar
Smrekar versus Cankar
One Year of Puppetry Muesum
One Year of Puppetry Muesum
The Cricket and the Ant
The Cricket and the Ant


When choosing performance pay particular attention to the age tag next to the title.

Recommended age is the minimum age of the viewer, there is no upper age limitation for most performances because most of the performances at the Maribor Puppet Theatre are suitable for the entire family.

The price of the ticket for a performance does not depend on the age of the viewer, but on the age tag of the performance. The price of a ticket for a children's or youth performance (up to and including 12+) is 5 €, regardless of whether the viewer is a child or an adult. And of course, every viewer in our theater needs a ticket when entering the hall, even if a child only accompanies his or hers parents or grandparents accompany the child. All are considered equal.

And you are all welcome.


  • I come to the puppet theatre at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the performance.
  • I buy a ticket for the performance at the box office and show it to the hostesses when entering the hall.
  • I leave my coat, sweater, umbrella, food and drinks in the cloakroom.
  • Before the show starts I switch off my phone and other noisy devices so that I do not interrupt the show and disturb other viewers.
  • At the end of the performance, I reward the performers with applause.