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Art Education Activities

Puppet Microscope

Together with the creators of the performances, we explain the creation of individual performances and the role of various theatrical professions in the theatre. We show and explain the theatre technique and introduce you to different types of puppets.

The programme is also suitable for a cultural day for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, and the contents and length of the programme can be adjusted to the age and interests of the participants.

Price €4

half price in combination with attending a performance

Author of the concept and puppet maker: Darka Erdelji <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>
Author of the concept and puppet maker: Darka Erdelji <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>
Author of the concept and puppet maker: Darka Erdelji <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>

Puppetry Craft Workshop

We will present different types of puppets and their creation. You will create your own puppet with the help of our puppet masters. The programme is also suitable as the content of a technical or cultural day, and the contents and length can be adjusted to the age and interests of the participants. The pedagogical programme is suitable for up to 30 participants.

Price €4

half price in combination with attending a performance

Puppet Physics 101 <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah </em>

Magical Shadows

The shadow theatre is the oldest form of puppetry art in the world and in fact it originates from the times when people lived in caves and the flames of fire around which they sat were throwing shadows on the walls of the caves.

The programme is also suitable as the content of a technical or cultural day, and the content and length can be adjusted to the age and interests of the participants.

Price €4

half price in combination with attending a performance

Pirat in luna <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>

Playful Hand Puppets

Finger puppets, hand puppets … we will present all these new topics to the participants. We will explain the history and development of hand puppets and their usefulness in the theatre.

The programme is also suitable as the content of a technical or cultural day, and the content and length can be adjusted to the age and interests of the participants.

Price €4

half price in combination with attending a performance

Petelin se sestavi <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>

The Minorite Path / The Mythical Path / The Mini Path

The Maribor Puppet Theatre is located in the premises of the renovated Minorite Monastery from the 13th century. The complex, which is inhabited by the theatre and also covers the Minorite Church, is an important and interesting record of the history of Maribor. The Minorite Path leads you through the old corridors and basements, all the way to the restored church, while we present you the history of the monastery.

The Minorite Path is divided into three different guided tours, each dedicated to a different age group.  They are called: The Mini Path (3+, 5+), The Mythical Path (9+) and The Minorite Path (12+, 15+).

Price €4

half price with attending a performance or other selected contents

Časovno okno <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>

Talks about performances

The Maribor Puppet Theatre offers performances for all age groups. At talks about performances you have the opportunity to ask questions about the chosen performance and related topics. For subscribers of Little Beasts subscription (5+) and Jozefina subscription (15+) the talks are free of charge.

Price €1

Talks about performances <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>

Discussions on performances

Each performance opens up known and new topics, raises questions and spreads horizons. Therefore, in Maribor Puppet Theatre, after the performance, we organize discussions on performance, involving artists from the performance, specialists in the field of education, arts, psychology and other relevant fields. The discussions are intended for pedagogical workers, parents and all those who recognize theatre as a learning area.

Discussions on performances

Professional seminar

The Maribor Puppet Theatre organizes various professional seminars for puppeteers, pedagogical workers and others wishing to educate themselves in the field of puppetry arts.

For the 2020/2021 season, we are announcing a seminar with the master of theatre and invented musical instruments Peter Kus.

Professional seminar

Young Puppet Mania

For elementary and secondary schools and faculties, we organize a practical seminar that takes participants through all phases of creating a puppet performance. The emphasis is on the choice of the performance template and taking the audience into account, the design of the visual image and the production of the equipment of the performance.

The professional and artistic guided process is intended for all those who excited and attracted by the puppet theatre.

Young Puppet Mania <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>

Work placement

For students we provide practical training under professional supervision. Through the process, they gain valuable experiences.

Work placement

Saturday Puppetry Workshops

With Saturday puppetry workshops, we want to bring children and their companions closer to the nature of the puppet theatre. The puppet theatre brings together not only various types of art but also different age groups.

Once a month after certain Saturday performances, carefully prepared workshops take place, where we learn about the types of art that can be found in the Maribor Puppet Theatre.

Price €1

Saturday Puppetry Workshops

Puppetry Holidays

Creative workshops for children

The Maribor Puppet Theatre organizes creative workshops for children, during their autumn and winter holidays, where they can develop their imagination. With the help of professionals, they create their own puppets or otherwise express their creativity.

Price €2 per day

Puppetry Holidays

Puppet Thursdays 5+

From October to May, children can spend Thursday afternoons socialising with puppets. This series of gatherings with puppet is planned as educational gatherings for children from the sixth to the twelfth year. In the first half of the year, at each meeting, children will get to know the new type of puppet and its characteristics. They will also make their own puppets. Systematically, children will learn about the history of puppets and puppetry and the professions we find in a puppet theatre. In the second half of the year, children will face another challenge: how to create and perform real puppet performance!

Price €20 per month

Puppet Thursdays

Little Paper Theatre - Kamishibai

Kamishibai, the original Japanese form of visual and participatory storytelling, has in recent years domesticated, developed and expanded throughout Slovenia. Our theatre is a shelter and a meeting point for kamishibai artist in Maribor, who occasionally prepare an afternoon programme, train other enthusiasts and spread good name on festivals at home and abroad.


Happy Puppet Birthday!

We invite your children to celebrate their birthday together with their guests at Maribor Puppet Theatre. First, the birthday boy or the birthday girl and his or her guests watch one of the performances, then every child creates his or her own puppet. The celebration takes place in cooperation with the Minorite Café.

The price is €7 per person for the programme, plus the price for the catering in agreement with the catering provider in our Minorite Café.

Happy Puppet Birthday!

From Book to Stage 9+

In cooperation with the Maribor Public Library

Many puppet performances are based on literary material, most often picture books. In cooperation with the Maribor Public Library, we are preparing a series of conversations with authors of the literary works, which were the inspiration for our performances.

The tickets for the puppet performance are for sale at the box office of the Maribor Puppet Theatre. The conversation with the authors is free for visitors and can also be attended separately.

From Book to Stage

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