Act without Words 15+

Co-producer Moment

The performance shows the struggle of individuals caught in the environment without basic essentials. The desert is at the same time an invisible cage. Deprived of basic comforts, while exposed to the provocation of a sensual nature, which makes him think and seek solutions. However, the solutions are always slipping away. Deprivations are disappointments, but we learn from them. They become the creator of their own ideas, conceptions and plans.


Act without Words <em>Photo: Boštjan Lah</em>
Act without Words Photo: Boštjan Lah

Crew and cast

Director and visual designer Zoran Petrovič

Performers Barbara Jamšek, Nataša Šišernik and Andrej Vršič

Lighting designer and set designer David Orešič

Costume designer Jenny Štumberger

Set makers Enver Ibrahimagić, Roman Novak and Miljenko Knezoci

Premiere — 27. May 2010