The Little Beasts of Resia 3+

Zapik Theatre, Ljubljana / 35 min

From the rich collection of fables collected by Milko Matičetov, we chose the one about the godmother vixen, whose house inhabited the horrible, ugly Grdina. The main problem is that she does not want to leave. The Little beasts of Resia is the first performance of the Zapik Theatre and has been on the programme continuously since 1993. The performance is accompanied by songs Ta pustawa and Ta medvedawa vižica performed by Igor and Jelena on "citira" and "bunkula", musical instruments similar to a violin and cello.


The Little Beasts of Resia <em>Photo: Igor Cvetko</em>
The Little Beasts of Resia Photo: Igor Cvetko

Crew and cast

Authors' project of Jelena Sitar Cvetko and Igor Cvetko

Performers Jelena Sitar Cvetko and Igor Cvetko