When I Die, I am Happy  

Based on motifs Augustus by Herman Hesse / AGRFT production, House of Children and Art

Augustus is living his life to the fullest. He sleeps everywhere but at home, every day he meets hundreds of new people and regardless of his actions, they all accept him and delight in his company. One day he falls in love with a stranger and, convinced of his own charms, he tries to lure her away from her husband. Despite the great love this woman has for Augustus, she decides to remain with her devoted husband. For the first time in his life, Augusts feels the sting of rejection.

He begins to take advantage of his charm, he humiliates his friends, exploits them and begins destroying their lives. Despite all this he is still irresistibly attractive, they all come to him like moths to flames. However, nothing brings him any satisfaction. The more he takes from others, the more empty he feels. He decides for the ultimate solution – suicide. As his lips are already touching the poison-filled chalice, his godfather, a person he has not seen since his childhood, enters. He rips the chalice from his hands, drinks it and says, "I am to blame for your misery. Your mother expressed a wish at your baptism and I carried it out, crazy as it was." He offers deliverance to Augustus and he accepts …

In this production of his master's thesis, Voranc Boh discovers the world of morals and principles. The resistance to impulses, holding back thoughts. Do I adjust to the world or does the world adjust to me? How do we know what is normal? Do I influence the world or am I influenced by the world? Simultaneously it is also an exploration of the puppetry medium, the relationships between the object and actor, object and animator, and of various approaches of puppetry usage in a narration.

AGRFT, production of M.A. study programme Stage Acting, field Puppet Acting.


When I Die, I am Happy <em>Photo: Anže Virant</em>
When I Die, I am Happy Photo: Anže Virant

Crew and cast

Mentor doc. mag. Martina Maurič Lazar

Dramaturge Anže Virant

Set designer Katarina Majcen

Actor and animator Voranc Boh