Virginia Wolf  

The staging of Virginja Volk (Virginia Wolf) is based on motifs from the picture book by Kyo Maclean and Isabelle Arsenault. Vanessa has a sister Virginia, who feels wolfish and she also behaves that way too. She constantly howls, snarls and yelps, she is moody, she does not like hanging out with anybody, everything annoys her and nothing can comfort her. But Vanessa decides to cheer her up. She tries just about everything, but it is not that easy. Finally, Virginia tells her that she would be happy if she could fly away. Somewhere, where there are muffins, beautiful flowers and trees, and where there is absolutely no grief. To the Flower Park! Without hesitation, Vanessa looks up for a box of cranyons and walls soon become colorful and picturesque.
Virginia’s room turns into Flower Valley, into a blooming garden, full of colours and freshness. Suddenly, everything begins to fly, becomes bright and cheerful, including Virginia.
Premiere 20th April 2017
Duration of performance 50 minutes

Crew and cast

Director, adaptation and set designer Fabrizio Montecchi
Translation Veronika Simoniti
Art directress (based on motifs by Isabelle Arsenault) Federica Ferrari
Actresses Martina Maurič Lazar, Maja Kunšič