Victoria 2.0  

Moment in GT22

Author’s project of drama theatre, puppets, objects and video-technology. Author’s project on a thin line between drama and performance, puppets and object theatre, reality and illusion. Author’s project for adults and youth.
Winners are self-confident. Winners are passionate. Winners have high self-esteem. Winners know what they want and how to achieve it. Winners never give up. Winners are disciplined. Winners do not wait for perfect conditions. Winners know that the greatest risk is not to risk. Winners compare themselves exclusively with themselves. Winners do not need anybody’s approval. Winners are healthy and they eat healthy. Winners are nicely built, they have beautiful, toned, full buttocks. Winners have partners. Winners have partners with beautiful, toned, full buttocks. Winners have sex. Winners have passionate sex. Winners have a lot of sex. Winners have a lot of friends. Winners are loved. Winners love life. And life loves winners. There are not many winners. There are few winners. Winners win.
Premiere 16th December 2016
Duration of performance 35 minutes

Crew and cast

Director Zoran Petrovič
Dramaturge Marek Turošík
Set designers and art directors Monika Pocrnjić, Toni Soprano
Photographer Toni Soprano
Set manufacturers Mojmir Ferenc, Matjaž Capi Capuder, Drago Pšunder
Actress Zala Ana Štiglic