The Smiling Apple 4+

Somewhere in the world there was a kingdom, which was bewitched by an evil wizard. Among the people he sowed bad mood, so no one was laughing. King's youngest daughter Valentina has decided to find a solution. Since it is not itself found, she gave her father published a proclamation. He promised to give his youngest daughter for a wife to that young man who brought him smiling apple. Valentina came into the hands of an unusual young man. Its path was not easy, but the mind was constantly repeated: "smiling apple everything will be resolved. The Kingdom will be returned laughter and good will in people. "


The Smiling Apple
The Smiling Apple

Crew and cast

Directed by: Peter Kavaš and Sabina Šinko
Expert advice: Rita Bartal Kiss
Cast: Petra Kavaš
Graphic Design: Sabina Šinko
Music: Filip Gal
Technique: Milan Gal