The Laundry Child 3+

GundBerg, Austria / 40 min

A performance with one puppet, one actress, one musician, one ironing board and much laundry for people from 3 to 103 years. Birgit Bügel is ironing. On her ironing board. She irons mountains and valleys of washing. Her iron travels to Laundry-Hill, where the clothes pegs dance ... until someone suddenly climbs out between the sheets ...


The Laundry Child <em>Photo: Joachim Berger</em>
The Laundry Child <em>Photo: Joachim Berger</em>

Crew and cast

Author of the text Natascha Gundacker

Director Natascha Gundacker

Visual designer GundBerg

Composer Joachim Berger

Performers Natascha Gundacker and Joachim Berger