The Green 9+

Kalle Nio and collective / Kalle Nio / WHS, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Helsinki Festival, Oulu Theatre / 50 min

Borrowing its name from the medieval theatre slang term for the stage, The Green promises visually strong theatre, which uses stage magic, video projection, cinematic sound and scenic compositions as its means of expression.

The Green is inspired by hauntology, feelings of emptiness and unboxing videos on YouTube. The nothingness of an empty stage and green screen slowly turn into a living character that takes over the stage area. Combining 19th century stage magic techniques with the latest video and sound technology, the mood of this show without words ranges from the mundane to the abstract and magical. The Green leads the audience to the brink of the unreal, where the border between reality and delusion is blurred.

The production of the show has been supported by: The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Samuel Huber Art Foundation, Kumu Art Museum, Silence Festival, Subcase, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Cirko – Centre for New Circus.


The Green <em>Photo: Kalle Nio</em>
The Green <em>Photo: Kalle Nio</em>
The Green <em>Photo: Kalle Nio</em>

Crew and cast

Director and performer Kalle Nio

Art and lighting designers Kalle Nio, Johannes Hallikas

Sound designer Janne Masalin, Kalle Nio

Script consultant Silvia Hosseini

Rehearsal assistant Jouni Ihalainen

Video projections Kalle Nio

Singer Tuuli Lindeberg