The Ephemerals   

Lent Festival

Wolfgang Valbrun (vocals)
Damian McLean-Brown (trumpet)
Thierry Lemaitre (saxophones)
James Graham (keyboards)
Hillman Mondegreen (guitars)
Adam Holgate (bass)
Jimi Needles (drums)

Soul and funk as from another time, when Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye were ruling the scene! The young London collectiv was gathered by producer and guitarist Hillman Mondegreen, but the true heart of the group is singer Wolfgang Valbrun, "The Wolf" - a polyglot from New York who made Paris his second home, and placed himself elegantly somewhere between Ben Harper and Donny Hathaway. In this retro niche from which The Ephemerals are emerging, you can also find Charles Bradley, Sharon Jones, The Daptones, Lee Fields and many others, but the winning combination of Wolf’s sensitive, yet hoarse voice, and sincere lyrics makes the band unique. In their soul they are carrying real "soul", which Amy Winehouse had before she bottled it up.

Please, play the songs "You’ll never see me cry," "You Made Us Change," or "Life Is Good". Once you’ll hear them, the "repeat" button will become your best friend, and a red bulb and disco ball your mandatory companions on your dancing journey through the night. They are known for their excellent arrangements, straight-forward and engaged lyrics as well as their vintage dance rhythms. The fact that their second album Chasin ghosts was chosen by the renowned soul, funk, jazz and electronica label Japaleno as their jubilee edition, proves that the band is on the way up to success. And to name oneself "The Ephemerals" is another smart move, just as smart as their lyrics are. Tears for the dance floor, feel-good music for present times.