Super Brina 3+

Theatre MalihVelikih / Tugende, Ljubljana / 35 min

Every day, Brina goes with her cat to her tree at the edge of the forest. One day, greedy Goldlover discovers gold under the tree. One way or another, he wants to take possession of gold, but Brina protests. We witness a battle between the goodness embodied by the girl Brina and the selfishness represented by Goldlover. Goldlover is one of the many obsessed seekers of values of modern society – values such as success and wealth. When he meets Brina, Goldlover realizes that he is following the wrong ideals, walking the wrong path, as he only wants to be loved and have friends. The performance talks about friendship as one of the most important values. Friendship is established and maintained by mutual benefaction, and the girl Brina shows us how to be a true friend.


Super Brina <em>Photo: Ajda Žagar</em>
Super Brina <em>Photo: Ajda Žagar</em>
Super Brina <em>Photo: Ajda Žagar</em>
Super Brina <em>Photo: Ajda Žagar</em>

Crew and cast

Author of the text and director Joseph Nzobandora – Jose

Dramaturge and choreographer Tjaša Jerak 

Composers Murat & Jose

Puppet maker and set designer Neva Vrba

Performers Ana Ruter and Joseph Nzobandora – Jose