Session Bulgakov 16+

Puppet-object brain-storming after the motifs of The Master and Margarita

Ljubljana Puppet Theatre / 60 min

Session Bulgakov is a reconstruction of the novel, set up on the dynamics of contrasts between burlesque and abstract images of object theatre, which were left on the charred remains of the confusion, left behind by Satan and his accomplices. In its fragmentation and with the rhytmisation of words, gestures, and sounds it draws associations with today’s obsessed world and the everyman's tragic side, with their problems, fears and desires.

The trio of actors, animators and musicians puts the audience into the role of testifiers and eyewitnesses to specific events, and dynamically leads them through several originally interpreted images of the novel. The play is filled with dramatic expression, poetic impressions, playfulness and simultaneous flirtation with an ironic criticism of the world. It leaves itself open to various impressions and possible interpretations. We discover meaning either in the corpulence of Bulgakov's subject matter, coming to life in front of our eyes as object theatre or in the musical dramaturgy of the work, which is at times explicitly concert. We recognise ourselves in the performance, either as a patient in a social sanatorium or we simply immerse ourselves into the stream of associations in this session filled with inventive twists and turns.


Session Bulgakov <em>Photo: Jaka Varmuž</em>
Session Bulgakov <em>Photo: Jaka Varmuž</em>
Session Bulgakov <em>Photo: Jaka Varmuž</em>

Crew and cast

Director and author of the adaptation Matija Solce

Dramaturgs Tjaša Bertoncelj, Benjamin Zajc

Set designer Tomáš Žižka

Lighting designer Kristjan Vidner

Composer Klemen Bračko

Video Gregor Gobec

Actors Gašper Malnar, Miha Arh, Filip Šebšajevič