Scritch Scratch Scraww Plop! 3+

Kitty Crowther / Ljubljana Puppet Theatre / 40 min

Scritch Scratch Scraww Plop! is a gentle fairy tale for the youngest of audiences. It intertwines strong emotions with a rich world of imagination. Jeremy is a frog, and he is afraid to go to bed. What is that sound - scritch scratch scraww plop – which he can hear underneath his bed? Jeremy's dad tries to convince him that there is nothing to be afraid of, but when he lies down in the bed, he too is awakened by mysterious sounds in the night.

As children follow the story of the night-time fears experienced by the young frog, they also feel a bit scared as they emphasise with the protagonist. Together with him, they look for a solution and consolation, while also solving their own tensions and problems. The show thus becomes a space in which children "enter" and where they discover that it is OK to be young and fearful. Stories like this convey important messages to children: that fear exists and everyone can have their own fears.


Scritch Scratch Scraww Plop! <em>Photo: Jaka Varmuž</em>
Scritch Scratch Scraww Plop! <em>Photo: Jaka Varmuž</em>
Scritch Scratch Scraww Plop! <em>Photo: Jaka Varmuž</em>

Crew and cast

Directress Ivana Djilas

Art designer, set designer and costume designer Barbara Stupica

Dramaturge and speech advisor Metka Damjan

Lighting designer Kristjan Vidner

Composer Blaž Celarec

Assistant director Brane Vižintin

Assistant dramaturge Nuša Kalanj

Stage manager and sound designer Erik Krkač

Actors Brane Vižintin, Aja Kobe, Klara Kastelec (guest appearance), Blaž Celarec (guest appearance)