Pooh 4+

Puppet Theatre Pupilla, Lendava / 40 min

Pooh is a performance about a bear – about that one bear who lives in the Hundred Acre Wood and who loves honey more than anything else in the world. Except perhaps his friends, of course: Piglet, Rabbit, and Eeyore the donkey. Together, they solve many mysteries: how to outsmart a swarm of bees, how to lure an elephant into a trap, how to feed the ever-hungry bear, and how to find a gift that would cheer up the big gloomy donkey.


Pooh <em>Photo: Milan Gal</em>
Pooh <em>Photo: Milan Gal</em>
Pooh <em>Photo: Milan Gal</em>

Crew and cast

Director Rita Bartal Kiss

Visual designer Sabina Šinko

Composer Viki Rab

Performers Petra Kavaš and Vitomir Vratarič