Bernard Friot / House of Children and Art, Ljubljana / Rijeka City Puppet Theatre, Croatia / Colecive Ma-Théâ – Cen / 35 minutes

In the poetic play Oh la la we get to know a child's life, his joy and worries, happiness, exploration and mistakes. Children's perspective differs from the realism of adults. Every, even most ordinary thing can be a moment to play, a moment in which the child escapes into his own world of imagination. And so, the child's everyday life becomes a collection of small moments, which he paints in his own way. Sometimes literally, like in a scene when I paint everything pink, because that is what I want and how it has to be. And when the clock strikes, it always strikes five because I can only count to five. And it does not matter if it is five in the morning or five in the afternoon, it is five, and that is enough. Because I am in no hurry anyway and will stay in my dream world for another hour or two, even though my parents moan that I am lazy. But I am not lazy, maybe a little slow, but my pillow, which is basically a soft cloud, has so much to tell me. There is a child in each of us.