The Two Goats 3+

Based on motifs from the book A Tale of Two Goats by Tom Barber / Puppet Theatre 3, Kranj / Puppet Group Bobek, Ljubljana / 35 min

Two farmers, neighbours, get into a meaningless argument based on: I know better than you, mine is better than yours, I have more than you ...

The goats, friends of the farmers, know well what is good and what is right.

And just because of the goat's perseverance, stubborness and determination, the farmes realize their narrow-mindedness and devastating envy.

The minimalist visual design of the performace is enriches with a subtle animation with elements of pantomime and with excellent background music.


The Two Goats
The Two Goats
The Two Goats

Crew and cast

Director and composer Andrej Adamek

Actors Mateja Šušteršič and Ksenija Ponikvar

Visual designers, puppet and set makers Mateja Šušteršič and Ksenija Ponikvar

Music producer Goran Majcen

Set maker Andrej Adamek