Monkey Puzzle or Mummy, where are you? 2+

Julia Donaldson / Puppet Theatre Fru-Fru

Actors: Ajda Rooss and Irena Rajh Kunaver

What happens when a small monkey first loses and the again find his mum with the help of a butterfly? A lot of unforeseen complications, great adventures and also dangers! Of course the butterfly does not suspect that the mother of the baby monkey looks a lot like her son, given that small butterflies are little hairy caterpillars and bear little resemblance with their colourful flying parents.  
Through the play, children meet a number of new animals, learn their names and their characteristics. They learn new concepts like hot, soft, hairy, slimy, hanging, flying etc. And most importantly, they learn that mothers can be very different. The play is a great starting point for a discussion on what would happen if a child gets lost, and how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly.