Mini circus Buffetto  3+

40 minutes

2 clowns forge an amusing relationship between them by playing, creating and living unforgettable adventures together. Meanwhile, they compete, they tease each other, they work together and help each other. In the end end, they learn that friendship is what truly matters.

Zavod Bufeto was the first professional association in Slovenia to introduce and develop the theatre of clown - a synthesis of clowning, circus skills and acting. Merging the circus traditions on one hand and dramaturgical principles on the other hand, they question the boundaries of classical theatre as well as those of a typical circus show. They produce their own pieces and do collaborations with many renowned artists from Slovenia and abroad. Zavod Bufeto has thus far left its mark as a team of people which continues to produce fresh and an original stage work. Zavod Bufeto's founders and core members are Nataša and Ravil Sultanov.