Martin Krpan 7+

A Wild Puppet Adventure

Fran Levstik / Ljubljana Puppet Theatre / 50 min

The text for the wild puppet adventure Martin Krpan is based on the tale by Fran Levstik, published in the Slovenski glasnik (Slovene Herald) magazine 160 years ago. Throughout its history the famous story about a courageous, strong, clever, simple and modest hero lived to see many reprints, adaptations, illustrations, radio plays, theatre adaptations, and even an animated cartoon film. Levstik was well aware of the fact that the then mostly illiterate Slovenian people needed a simple story about a peasant hero, a story which they could understand and identify with. However, when conceiving his tale, Levstik succeeded not to fall into unambiguous writing.

Martin Krpan, with its salt-smuggling mare, dazzling imperial life of the Vienna court, the nonchalant cutting down of the beautiful court linden tree, and wild duels, offers a wonderful starting point for a puppet show. Traditional hand puppets are used. The story takes place on a classic hand puppet stage, a castelet.


Martin Krpan <em>Photo: Jaka Varmuž</em>
Martin Krpan <em>Photo: Jaka Varmuž</em>
Martin Krpan <em>Photo: Jaka Varmuž</em>

Crew and cast

Director Tin Grabnar

Adaptation Ana Duša, Tin Grabnar, Brina Klampfer

Art designer Špela Trobec

Dramaturge Brina Klampfer

Speech advisor Metka Damjan

Set designers Tin Grabnar, Špela Trobec

Costume designer Sara Smrajc Žnidarčič

Lighting designer Igor Remeta

Songs (text) and rehearsal coach Ana Duša

Composer Marjan Stanić

Songs (music) Mitja Vrhovnik Smrekar

Stage manager and sound designer Erik Krkač

Actors Maja Kunšič, Martina Maurič Lazar, Zala Ana Štiglic, Marjan Stanić (guest appearance)