Little Wild Animals from Comic 4+

First there where Little Wild Animals from Resia, a collection of folk fairy tales. Then three cartoonists came (David Krančan, Andrej Štular, Kaja Avberšek), and each made a comic inspired by one of the folk fairy tales. Then three storytellers joined, and each narrated one of the comic books. Each in their own way, they broke the comic in pieces, and with the help of the author of the comic made a new whole.
Elemets of comic were brought to big screen and comic-narrative animation was created. Maybe it sounds complicated, but in reality it is not ... The animation Little Wild Animals from Comic cosists of three stories: Uggly, Let’s Run, the World is crumbling! and Flying Fox.
Premiere 29th January 2016
Duration of performance 50 minutes

Crew and cast

Directors Ana Duša, Špela Frlic, Rok Kušlan
Art directors Andrej Štular, David Krančan, Kaja Avberšek
Music Jelena Ždrale