Kekec 5+

Minoriti Open-Air Cinema / Association for Film Culture Development / Triglav film / Viba film, 1951 / 97 min

High up in the mountains live two men, herbalist Kosobrin and villain Bedanec. The later has a servant Mojca, who, one day, meets Kosobrin and tells him about her difficult life. Although in great fear of Bedanec’s revenge, Kosobrin takes Mojca with him. Unfortunately, he does get caught by Bedanec, who ties him on a tree. Kosobrin is freed by a brave boy named Kekec. As the night falls, Kekec sets a trap for Bedanec, in which the villain falls. When Bedanec gives a promise to leave this place forever, Kekec lets him go.

At the 13th Venice International Film Festival, the film Kekec was the first Slovenian film to receive the Golden Lion award.



Crew and cast

Director Jože Gale

Scriptwriters Jože Gale and Frane Milčinski based on a narrative by Josip Vandot

Actors Matija Barl, Frane Milčinski, France Presetnik, Zdenka Logar and others