Jazz podium 2 Samo Šalamon & kitarski orkester Takt ars & Vasko Atanasovski & Achille Succi   

Lent Festival

Kitarski orkester Takt ars 
Filip Džankič (solo guitar), Niki Fišer (solo guitar), Filip Gornik (solo guitar), Jure Gračner (solo guitar), Urban Kolarič (solo guitar), Ana Blažič (guitar), Vito Brigadir (guitar), Aleksej Čosić (guitar), Adrian Čurin (guitar), Nina Dobaj (guitar), Urban Duh (guitar), Matevž Fišer (guitar), Tine Gergič (guitar), Tibor Ivanecz (guitar), Dunja Jaušovec (guitar), Timotej Lubej (guitar), Nejc Miklošič (guitar), Primož Perko (guitar), Niko Poštrak (guitar), Alja Rojko (guitar), Jaka Topič (guitar), Til Trinkaus (guitar), Marko Vaupotič (guitar), Tilen Vodenik (guitar), Bine Zgaga (guitar), Matej Žnidarič (guitar), Jakša Vranjičan (bass), Erik Vuga (bass), Mitja Žužek (bass), Denis Jančič (drums), Bojan Krhlanko (drums)

Vasko Atanasovski (saxophones)
Achille Succi (saxophones)

The international shows of guitarist Samo Šalamon from Maribor place him amongst the 10 top guitarsts of the past years, and he has proved to be an original composer with his own songs which he writes anew for each new ensemble. He has been publishing album after album, performing at festivals in Slovenia and abroad, composing for many different ensembles and musicians, and surprising us with compositions for the philharmonic orchestra. At the same time, his first album Ornethology was placed amongst the 1001 best albums in the history of jazz music (Penguin Guide to Jazz).

It seems to be one of the traits of Slovenian jazz musicians that they always take care of the offspring. Šalamon has been head of the music school Takt Ars for many years, and there are - believe it or not - twenty-six guitarists, three bassist and two experienced drummers joining us at Lent Festival this year. The two special guests of the evening will be two alt-saxophonists: Slovenian lead wind player Vasko Atanasovski and excellent Italian saxophonist Achille Succi who has been collaborating with Šalamon since his first album Ornethology in 2004. Šalamon’s seven new compositions for 26 young guitarists - if we won’t hear some youthful rock influence, then this is not Jazz Lent, and this is not Jazz Podium.