Goose the Bear  2+

The softness of knitted designs by the more and more popular designer Donna Wilson and her fairytale installations are the starting point for the puppet world in this performace. Goose the Bear is a seemingly simple mix-up. One day a little duckling hatches out of a lost egg.
From the very beginning, the duckling thinks it is a bear, since the very first thing the duckling sees is the bear’s face. Hidden behind the tale’s letters and imaginary forest’s trees are some essential questions about coexistence and accepting of others. Is everything that seems different really so different from us? How much of our time and attention we are ready to dedicate to relationships with other people?
Premiere 21st April 2016
Duration of performance 35 minutes


Goose the Bear
Goose the Bear

Crew and cast

Directress Ivana Djilas
Translation Alenka Veler
Dramaturge and speech advisor Metka Damjan
Art directress Donna Wilson
Set designer Ajda Vogelnik
Music Blaž Celarec
Actors Maja Kunšič, Urška Hlebec, Iztok Lužar