Good Luck, Kekec 5+

Minoriti Open-Air Cinema / Association for Film Culture Development / Viba film, 1963 / 77 min

Kekec and Rožle come to serve a farmer, who has a blind daughter Mojca, as shepherds. Mojca has an exceptional gift for singing, and Kekec promises her to find a cure for her eyes. One day, evil Pehta, who is an excellent herbalist, kidnaps Mojca and takes her to her mountain hut, where Mojca should sing for her. Kekec rescues Mojca, and at the same time, he learns that the evil herbalist has a cure for blindness. Fearless Kekec confronts Pehta, and she tells him that she would have cured Mojca if he hadn't taken her home. Kekec pokes around Pehta’s hut and looks for a cure. In the end, the herbalist comes around and hands him the healing drops.


Good Luck, Kekec

Crew and cast

Director Jože Gale

Scriptwriter Ivan Ribič based on a narrative by Josip Vandot

Actors Velimir Gjurin, Martin Mele, Ruša Bojc and others