Flying Cow 5+

Playtime is fun yet serious at the same time. Once you are totally immersed, anything can happen. Flying on the wings of their imagination, two girls and a boy embark on a standoff. When there are three of you, who plays with whom?

From among the rolling eggs, the shuffling old woman and the flying cow, a game of friendship, loneliness and solidarity emerges.

The performance is part of the main joint programme of two festivals: Contemporary Dance Platform, Maribor Dance Room, and Festival of Contemporary Performance Arts Performa, youth Cultural Centre Maribor. The hosting of the performance in Maribor is also supported by The Performing Arts Fund NL.


Flying Cow
Flying Cow
Flying Cow
Flying Cow

Crew and cast

Choreographed byJack Timmermans

Performed by: Orlando Mardenborough, Tessa Wouters, Wiktoria Czakon

Set design: Bert Vogels

Music: Timothy van der Holst

Costume design: Joost van Wijmen

Light design: Pink Steenvoorden – Einstein Design