Drawing for a Heart  

Drawing for a Heart is an author’s project, which was created as a master thesis of M.A. study program Stage Acting, field Puppet Acting. I enrolled in this program because already as a child I was interested in puppets. This interest slowly faded away during the growing up, but it was replaced with the interest in dramatic theatre, stage acting, music and drawing.
Student of M.A. program has to prepare a production, which is a part of hers or his master’s thesis. The production is author’s project, so the student can do anything she or he wants. And how terrible this is! What is this "anything"? What am I interested in? What do I "want" to talk about in my author’s project? And at the end of all these questions, there was this one question: Do I even want to be an actor? And immediately after that, there were some classic existentialist questions, which of course are nothing new to the student of a stage acting, who enrolled in studies immediately after the completed secondary school, when she or he did not even know who she or he was and what she or he would like to do. Although, I did not know the answers to all of these questions, deep down I knew I want to be an actor, I knew I want to do theatre, because this is what I love to do. To find the answers to these questions more easily in the future, I decided to dedicate this author’s project to these questions. The story is about finding a heart. And that is actually all I can say about the play. The story does not talk about finding a lost love or patching a broken heart. It helps you on your way. The story is about finding a heart for the actor, and finding a heart for a puppet.
Premiere 10th March 2017
Duration of performance 50 minutes

Crew and cast

Mentorship doc. mag. Martina Mavrič Lazar
Dramaturge Eva Jagodic
Design concept and puppet manufacturer Likovni atelje Maco
Costume designer Yaghodic Lukshich Couture
Set designer Norm Harvić
Lighting designer Tin Grabnar
Music The Macos
Actor Matic Lukšič