Vít Peřina and collective / Naive Theatre Liberec, Czech Republic / 35 minutes

Once upon a time, there was a male dog. And once upon a time, there was a female dog. He has been guarding his garden all day, and she has been running behind his fence until her owner whistles at her. And as it happens, in lives not only for dogs, the two have become fancy of each other, despite the high planks of the fence that kept them apart. But she did not want to go into an unknown garden, and he could not leave his backyard.

How to make her come in? What if … This will definitely work! He will show her his beloved toy: a tiny circuit of an old garden railing peeping through the clumps of growing grass. And not only that! In his kennel, looking like a small railway yard, smoke is rising from the chimney of an old steam locomotive. The female dog jumps over the fence and drives around the garden with the male dog.