Bixiga 70  

Lent Festival

Cuca Ferreira (saxophones)
Daniel Nogueira (saxophones)
Daniel Gralha (trumpet)
Douglas Antunes (trombone)
Cris Scabello (guitars)
Mauricio Fleury (keyboards, guitars)
Marcelo Dworecki (bass)
Rômulo Nardes (percussion)
Gustávo Cék (percussion)
Décio 7 (drums)

The spectacular 10-member collective from São Paolo with the name Bixiga 70 combines afrobeat and Brazilian percussion tradition, some Caribbean additions, Guinean malinké, Brazilian candomblé, samba and cumbia - and voilà, here is your magic potion of such an explosiveness that even Ronaldo and Ronaldinho seem slow as snails! Their sharp wind and brass section is 100 % synchronised with their percussionists and drummers and is one of the most striking ensembles of this year’s summer festival harvest, since it will perform at festivals like Glastonbury, in Scala in London, in Korzo theatre in Haag and elsewhere.

The group was named after the district of São Paolo, that is characterised by a special multiculturalism (but of course, it also flirts with the name of Fela Kuti’s "Africa70"). Thanks to the label Glitterbeat they published their third album which is also available in Europe. On the album you can hear the intense connection between the musicians, and you can literally feel their hundreds and hundreds of concerts which transformed the band into one unique musical body. Their concert at Lent Festival will be their first performance in Slovenia, and there’s one thing we can say for sure: it’s going to be an unforgettable party! Whoever manages to stay seated during this concert, has probably been dead for many years.