Big-Eyes the Little Owl, which, with its simple dramaturgy and scintillating dialogues, enters the world of children’s play, imagination, whimsicalness and conceitedness, is the first work that Svetlana Makarovič wrote for children and also her first work staged at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre. Svetlana Makarovič created a sweet, nice and poetic story about a little whimsical owl called Big-Eyes, who decides she no longer wants to be an ordinary, nocturnal bird, but a day owl. The Moon tries to dissuade her but to no avail. In the morning when the owl family crawls into bed, Big-Eyes puts on her sunglasses and boisterously flies into the bright day. On her journey, she meets a number of animals and has numerous adventures – also dangerous one.

Crew and cast

Author of the text Svetlana Makarovič

Director Brane Vižintin

Author of visual design Suzi Bricelj

Dramaturge Nuša Kalanj

Composers Svetlana Makarovič and Jože Šalej

Set designer Damir Leventič

Proofreader Metka Damjan

Performers Polonca Kores, Lovro Finžgar, Matevž Müller and Boštjan Sever (guest appearance)