Alphazed 3+

Primož Čučnik, Petra Stare, Andrej Štular / Puppet theatre Nebo / 40 min

How do letter look and sound? Simple. We take found objects, those that we found among the disposed and forgotten objects in the attic, garage, workshops, among broken toys, and old school supplies. We inspect and sort them out. Sort them according to their colour, shape, size, sound and movement, words, and stories. We play with these objects and create letters with them. We call upon the voice and word, sound and music, speech and poetry. Thus, through the animation of objects and sound we create a new world of a theatre of objects. In a collage full of humour, topsy-turvy and play of words, in which we can see and hear the letters. From A to Z.

The performance speaks to children on a sensuous and emotional level and thus unobtrusively enters their world of imagination.


Alphazed <em>Photo: Ana Štular</em>
Alphazed <em>Photo: Ana Štular</em>
Alphazed <em>Photo: Ana Štular</em>

Crew and cast

Directress and dramaturge Petra Stare

Art designer Andrej Štular

Composer and music performer Katja Stare

Actors Petra Stare, Andrej Štular