A Visitor for Bear 3+

Mini Theatre, Ljubljana / 45 min

A solitary bear is quite sure that he does not like visitors. He even has a sign on his door: "Do not disturb! Visits prohibited." But one day a small grey mouse appears on his doorstep, and cannot be driven away. The bear gets angry and resists the persistent visitor until something surprising happens.

A cherry story with an abundance of the situational comic is one of the most notable American picture books in recent years. This picture book about friendship has already become a classic.


A Visitor for Bear
A Visitor for Bear
A Visitor for Bear
A Visitor for Bear

Crew and cast

Author Bonny Becker

Director Ivana Djilas

Puppet animation consultant Brane Vižintin

Puppet and set designer Barbara Stupica

Performers Vesna Kuzmič, Murat & Jose