The Drava River Still Flows …  

Maribor Puppet Theatre and Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television

Maribor was born on the banks of the Drava River, it is inhabited by people from far and wide, by people of various professions. On the site where today stands the Maribor Puppet Theatre, people have lived and worked since the 10th century. The Minorite Monastery is emerging and growing. It is pretty lively in it, next to it, and in the city. Through binoculars and a microscope, rich historical and literary tissue is transformed into word and sound. Who is a native, who is a foreigner, how this space pulsates and nurtures memory, how do we see it today? The audio narrative is complemented by experiencing and perceiving the space. The journey in its rhythm opens rich associative fields, addresses the oracle and the nosy parker, the sentient and reflective visitor.


The Drava River Still Flows …
The Drava River Still Flows …

Crew and cast

Author of the project Barbara Jamšek

Mentor izr. prof. dr. Katarina Podbevšek

Sound designer Marko Jakopanec

Premiere — November 2020